Do you have any Questions? A Critical Selling Point often Overlooked

A Critical Selling Point often Overlooked

A Critical Selling Point often Overlooked: Staging Your Home for Optimal Night Viewing

By Keith Loria

Everyone knows it’s important to make a great first impression when selling your home, which is why so much work goes into the landscaping and appearance of the home’s exterior. 
But many homebuyers interested in the property are going to want to see what the house looks like after the sun goes down and see how the house looks at night, as well as research any safety or security issues.
The best way to do this is to go outside at night and review what you can see of the home, and just as important, what you can’t see.

“A home’s illumination welcomes any prospective buyer, so you should turn on all of your outside and inside lights when showing your home at night so people will feel that glowing warmth as a result of your lighting,” said professional lighting designer Stephen Targan. “At night, a nice, lit house can give a wonderful impression when viewed from the street.”

Most real estate professionals will tell you that it’s common for potential buyers to drive by homes in the evening so they can get a sense of the home and neighborhood after dark.

“Selling your home is a 24-hour job, seven days a week,” said David O’Shea, author of the e-book, Tips to Sell Your Home Faster. “Don’t assume that people will judge everything on their first visit. That’s why keeping the home looking sharp at night is important. If someone comes by and the home looks dreary, it could kill a potential sale.”

Targan recommends investing in some simple lighting for the front yard. He says to make sure the sidewalks are well lit and that the entrance to the property is visible. You could also bring in a gatepost or lantern-style light to define the start of your driveway.

“Add ground lighting or bollards to light the pathway,” Targan said. “Low voltage string lighting along path edges is an effective and inexpensive solution.”

The entrance of your home is important and should be accented accordingly. You can also add strings of garden lights, solar garden lights or even underwater lights for ponds to bring your house to life at night.

If it’s the holiday season, take advantage of those Christmas lights and decorations with photos of the house at night to display on your listing page. These will help buyers see themselves in your home for the holidays.

Remember, those with interest in buying your home are going to live there both day and night, so it’s important to make the home attractive at all times of the day.

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