Are Your Ducts and Dryer Fire (And Mold) Safe

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Are Your Ducts and Dryer Fire (and Mold) Safe?

By John Voket, RISMedia Consumer Confidant

When it comes to being successful in the service industry, millions of entrepreneurs and business people have learned to “find a niche and strike it rich.” I believe this is the aim of the folks I recently discovered at Sir Dry (

The company and its franchisees have a singular goal, to help protect you and your family from dryer fires and other hazards that may lurk between your clothes dryer and its vent cap discharge.
Besides claiming to offer a successful system for ridding dryers and dryer vents and hoses of mold, they also have the tools to clean – really clean – your dryer system to eliminate the threat of lint and other discharge from causing a fire.

Sir Dry technicians recommend that dryer vents be inspected and cleaned every 6 months for optimum protection. Their average inspection takes between one and two hours - additional time if work needs to be done.

Sir Dry uses specialized equipment that rotates within the vent and an internal video camera that ensures a vent is thoroughly clean and safe. They even bring specialized equipment to float the dryer to ensure that the floor will not be damaged during cleaning.

The technician provides a before and after photo of your dryer vent so you can be assured it is clean and safe. Sir Dry also says that anti-cling products used in the dryer can contribute to flammable accelerants in the vent, which cannot be effectively removed with an ordinary vacuum.

Technicians will also be happy to check your dryer and bathroom vents for mold. Both areas are perfect breeding grounds for mold spores, but no match for an anti microbial product Sir Dry offers to combat mold growth.

Sir Dry also installs dual sensor smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors; sets up a schedule to change batteries in various detectors, advises homeowners on fire extinguishers, and replaces them yearly with professionally maintained extinguishers as part of an ongoing personalized safety program they will be happy to discuss during a visit. 

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