Do you have any Questions? Bathroom Tips and Trends to Attract the Masses

Bathroom Tips and Trends to Attract the Masses

By Keith Loria

Statistics show that prospective buyers value bathrooms above almost any other part of the home, making it more important than ever that you don’t overlook this space when it comes time to update your home before listing it in today’s competitive market. 

In fact, according to the National Association of REALTORS®, bathrooms have a dramatic affect on selling price, with each full bath adding about 24 percent to the selling price. Additionally, new bathrooms return about 51 percent of their costs at sale time, so the money you spend now will more than likely come back to you. 

While a complete bathroom overhaul may not be in the cards, spending a little money updating a tired looking bathroom is one of the best things you can do to increase a home’s resale value. 

Here are five tips to make sure your bathroom attracts the masses. 

1. Think Big. Most bathrooms don’t take enough advantage of the space available and have small, non-descript bathtubs. If you do the measurements, you may be surprised to find that a large, deep, spa-like bath can be incorporated into the space to help wash people’s stress away. And while you’re at it, look into changing your shower head to one of the massage models or something flashy that will appeal to a wider range of house hunters. 

2. Update Fixtures. Fixtures can become outdated quickly and also lose some of their shine over the years. Adding new cabinet handles or faucets made out of brushed nickel or other metals that are polished and elegant is a great way to fancy up the bathroom. Multiple sinks are also in vogue and can be added without too much hassle.

3. Bring in an Expert. How many times have you started a project yourself only to end up spending more time and money than you had originally planned, with an outcome that’s still less than perfect? While YouTube videos might help fix a toilet or add some fixtures to the space, hiring a trained contractor is probably your best bet for getting the job done correctly.

4. Replace Lighting. Bathrooms are notorious for having little light, so incorporating additional lighting features, especially around the vanity, can go a long way toward creating an inviting space. People rarely complain about having too much light, and incorporating different lighting styles is a great way to highlight the positive features of a bathroom. Mood lighting around the tub area is also increasing in popularity.

5. Think Green. The bathroom is a prime place to start putting those environmentally friendly devices to work. Installing fixtures that save water, such as a low-flow shower head, a low-flow faucet aerator, and a dual-flush toilet, can save thousands of gallons of water each year. Another fix that is both decorative and energy efficient is the addition of natural stone countertops and flooring. Not only will this keep the space cool in the summer, it’ll also go a long way toward keeping heat in during the long winter months. 

For more tips on updating your bathroom, contact our office today. 

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