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Fall Safety Project: Taking Time To Prevent Window Accidents

By John Voket


After spending several segments talking about taking care of your doors this fall, I was contacted by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection reminding us about taking precautions around windows can help prevent accidental falls.

Connecticut's consumer protection officials are joining colleagues across the nation reminding homeowners that the change of season is a good time to examine all window frames and screens for wear and tear and to make repairs as needed.

Remember that screens and storm windows are not strong enough to prevent someone from falling through. So residents should always look to make window areas safer, particularly if small children live there, or are frequent visitors.

Check out these consumer tips to help make all your windows safe:

  • Consider installing window guards - grids that cover the window opening and prevent children from pushing on screens or glass panes. For homes with small children, these are especially recommended.
  • Another option is to install window stops - hard plastic strips that fit into the side jambs so that windows open no more than four inches.
  • Since children imitate what they see so don’t model behavior you don’t want them to copy like sitting in or leaning out open windows.
  • Keep furniture away from windows, to discourage children from climbing near windows.
  • Make it a habit to always lock windows when closed, and if you have children in the home, open windows only from the top.
  • Open windows and a crowded room can be a dangerous mix – at large gatherings, use window stops to prevent windows from being open wider than four inches, and discourage guests from sitting on windowsills or standing at open windows.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has additional information, a video, and posters about window safety available that can further explain safety installations and reinforce safety practices to prevent window-related injuries and tragedies.

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