Do you have any Questions? Home Inspection: What Homeowners need to know

Home Inspection: What Homeowners need to know

Home Inspection-What Homeowners Need to Know


If you're in the process of buying or selling a home, you've likely been hearing quite a bit about home inspection. Home inspections play a critical role in providing homeowners with details about what repairs and upgrades need to be made to the home, and supply a more complete understanding of the home's overall condition. 

During a home inspection, a home inspector will perform a visual inspection of over 400 items within the home. Some of these items include: the structural components of the home, the foundation, roof and the visible electrical, plumbing and mechanical operating systems of the property. 

As a home buyer, a certified home inspection will allow you to feel good about the fact that you've made a sound purchase decision. A home inspection provides pertinent details about every aspect of your home, and reduces the risk of unwanted surprises after you move in. 

As someone selling their home, home inspection (also known as property inspection) allows you to prepare for or repair potentially problematic items. Home inspections help you sell your house faster, get the best price, and reduce the chance of last minute surprises that could complicate the sale. 

When you hire a home inspection company it pays to do your homework. Look for a reputable, highly experienced company.