Do you have any Questions? Is Your Real Estate Agent in Tune With The Times

Is Your Real Estate Agent in Tune With the Times?



No matter what business you're in, times have changed. Thanks to the Internet and a challenging economy, consumers are savvier and more demanding than ever.

Real estate is no exception. When it comes to making one of the biggest decisions of your life-buying or selling a home-you need to work with a real estate professional who is up to the task and armed with the latest strategies for ensuring the optimal result from your real estate transaction.

Any real estate agent you're considering working with should be up-to-speed on the following critical areas:

-Internet marketing. Your agent's marketing prowess should be way beyond listing your home in the classified section of the local newspaper. Make sure your agent has a comprehensive online marketing plan that includes effective photography and video capabilities.

-Social media. The best agents know how to utilize Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, et al, to help sell your home. And this does not mean simply posting your listing; it means building relationships and engaging buyers in more subtle ways via social media methods.

-Short sales and foreclosures. Unfortunately, short sale and foreclosure properties comprise a large part of today's real estate market. Your agent must have expertise in these specific areas, whether you're a buyer looking for a potential opportunity, or a seller confronting a distressing financial situation.

-Financing. While the details of your home loan will be carried out by your lender, your real estate agent should have a good working knowledge of the lending options available to you today, especially new and changing government programs.

-Networking. Your agent must be highly skilled at networking and negotiating. Find out how they're connected to the real estate community and how far their reach extends.


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