Selling Your Home? Avoid These Mistakes


Now is a great time to buy real estate and even though it's a buyers' market, you can still leave the transaction as a satisfied seller. Oftentimes, sellers may get ahead of themselves and accidentally make a crucial mistake that can lessen his or her selling power. In order to ensure success, remember the following when trying to sell your home:

Don't assume that staging isn't important to the selling process. You want your home to look as good as possible so that potential buyers can picture themselves living their lives there. Whether you choose to stage your home yourself or to hire professionals, you may be able to present your home with the illusion of a higher value. According to a recent study, 94.6% of homes that were professionally staged sold in 33 days or less. Paint your buyers the perfect picture by appropriately staging your home. 

Let your furniture help you sell. To accurately stage your home, you must have furniture to show. Attempting to sell an empty house is never putting your best foot forward. Empty houses give buyers the feeling of emptiness and can sometimes be depressing. Walls may look in need of a paint job and the feel of the home may be too cold to entice a bid. Remember, the home must look warm, appealing and lived in. 

Clutter is never good. No matter how many children a buyer may have, clutter will never be overlooked or understood. If you have children of your own, it may be tempting to let your home's clutter take over to give the home a "lived in" feel, but don't give in. Bathrooms and kitchens are especially important, as is the outside of the home as well. A clean, tidy atmosphere goes a long way in the minds of buyers. 

Hide all traces of your cat or dog. Don't be fooled into thinking that everybody loves pets. Pets should be crated and stored away during each and every showing. Pack up all toys, bones, etc., and make them disappear. You would also be naïve in thinking that your home didn't have a certain pet smell. Steam cleaning carpets is a great idea. Get the help of a pet-less friend's nose and clean, clean, clean!

Selling your home can be a great experience and a rather satisfying one as well. However, sellers must be prepared for the market and be willing to go the extra mile to prepare their home for the big sale. 

Source: AOL Real Estate