Do you have any Questions? How to Sweaten the Deal on Your next Transaction

How to Sweeten the Deal on Your Next Transaction


In today's modern real estate transaction, negotiating is a big part of the process. For buyers wanting to sweeten their deal or save some money, knowing how to approach the negotiation table is key to their success. Consider the following before locking in your deal:

Nothing is worse than moving before you have to, so having a flexible closing date is beneficial for both the buyer and seller. Whether kids are finishing up the school year or you're expected to finish out a work project, negotiating for a flexible closing date will save you the cost of renting in between and moving twice. Sellers may even be able to convince a buyer to rent the home back to them for a few months while wrapping up loose odds and ends. Having a loose date gives leeway for both parties. 

Another way sellers can entice buyers is by offering bonuses or gifts as part of the closing agreement. Some sellers have even been known to offer trips to New York or Hawaii as part of the close. On the buyer end, you have a legitimate right to ask for items that are either built-in or customized to the home. Almost all questions are fair game and your requests just may be thrown into the deal for an added bonus. 

Lastly, think about furnishings. For sellers, is there anything else you'd like to get rid of along with the home? Though it's never recommended to include furnishings along with the price (it hikes up the overall cost), asking buyers if they need any of your belongings is a great idea. Items sold outside of escrow can simply be left where they stand. Buyers may want to negotiate to buy washers, dryers or other large-scale appliances. After all, who wants to move those items? It would make the moving process easier on both parties. 

These are just a few of the ways that both buyers and sellers can sweeten the deal in order to keep each other happy. Don't feel bad about asking for such concessions. A great rule to follow: You'll never know until you ask.

Source: AOL Real Estate

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