Three Tips on Selling Your Haunted Residence

By Chris Pepe

Looking to unload a haunted home? Below are three tips for selling that spooky spot.

Examine State Disclosure Laws
Most states require "Seller Disclosure Statements" where the seller must disclose all known facts. With the recent flood of foreclosures and bank owed properties many people who could "disclose" are not the seller so homes are being sold with a disclaimer that the seller cannot provide a "Sellers disclosure statement", and that the buyer is buying based on a material inspection. If no ghosts show up during the inspections you may not even know what you are getting into. This also goes for leaky pipes that had a good patch job.

De-Spook The Residence

Some houses that aren't haunted might very well be because they are unkempt and in disarray. The selling home owner should re-paint, replant and refurbish as much of the home as possible to make it look as good as possible. According to several paranormal investigators, ghosts tend to frequent places that are damp & creepy. If your home is warm and friendly, there should be no ghosts.

Sell To The Skeptics & Investors

Several people don't even believe in ghosts which is a great thing. If you're not having much luck with families, try marketing your home to investors who love the challenge of fixing up a home and reselling it.

Chris Pepe is the President & Lead Broker of NC Pepe Corp.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2015. All rights reserved.