Do you have any Questions? Tips for Fall Cleanup

Tips for Fall Cleanup, Inside and Out



Fall is the perfect time for homeowners to get their homes in order-both inside and out. It's also a good time to clean your car and get it ready for winter.

Here are a few fall maintenance tips to get your home and car in good shape before the cold weather arrives.

Home care and repair

-Check your windows. Windows can get pretty dirty during the summer months, so before the cold weather arrives, clean the glass and seals and inspect all the windows in your house. Be sure to fix worn weather stripping and re-caulk both the inside and outside if needed. Replace broken or chipped window boards or trim.

-Bring patio furniture inside and inspect your deck. Give the deck a good cleaning by pressure washing or spraying it down. See if it needs repainting or restaining, or if it requires a water sealer or protectant.

-Check the exterior of your house and doors to see if they need to be painted. If so, fall is a great time to touch up the trim and doors to protect the exterior of your home against harsh winter weather.

-Clean out gutters and downspouts. Clear out leaves and other debris to avoid blockage and ice dams during the winter months.

Automotive care and cleaning

Fall is also a great time to give your car a thorough cleaning, so be sure to:

-Vacuum your car thoroughly. Be sure to get the dashboard, hard-to-get-to crevices and the upholstery, in addition to the area around the seams and seat belts where food can accumulate.

-Clean the windows inside and out. Make sure to use a soft, absorbent disposable towel designed for the task.

-Clean spills off the garage floor. As soon as oil spills, place a clean, disposable and absorbent shop towel on the floor to absorb the spill. Be sure not to rub at the spill as that pushes oil into the concrete.

-Clean your DIY tools thoroughly. If you do your own work on your car, make sure to wipe dust, dirt and debris from hand tools with a clean, disposable shop towel. Soak hand tools in dishwashing detergent and dry thoroughly with another clean, disposable shop towel. Clean power tools by wetting a fresh disposable shop towel with cleaning solution and then wringing it out so it's damp, not dripping. Wipe down the surfaces of the tool and dry thoroughly.

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